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s Who We Are  
The Hall of Names concept was founded in 1972 producing a unique computer database of dynamic human interest. The "Family History Scroll" emerged after many years of intensive research focussing on the goal of tracing family name roots.     

Using impeccable historical and genealogical sources, referencing and cross referencing ancient manuscripts and archives, the Hall of Names extensive library of heraldic and historical surnames was created with that same demanding quality and precision. Started as a family business, Hall of Names has grown to be truly international in scope, both On-line and Off-line.     

The fastest and largest growing community on the internet today are those interested in their family history. If you have spent anytime surfing the internet you know of this phenomenon.     

If your visitors have a last name, we have what they are looking for! Quality products detailing everything from their family name's ancient history to full color Coat of Arms and family Crests. Plus, On-line Search Engines to look up valuable free info about their surname. Try out our Surname Search below and see for yourself!  

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 Our Search Engine will access numerous databases during your query revealing information about not only your Coat of Arms, but your Family Name History, Name Origin, Family Tartans, Family Castles and much more.
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